6 Science-Backed Tips for Making Better Sales Calls
by Nitin Gupta, on Sep 7, 2017 11:35 AM

Is there an effective way to make sales calls? Do top sales reps know the secret of making winning sales calls or is it just pure luck? Well, it’s difficult to tell actually and it’s possible that multiple factors may be responsible for scoring a win through a sales call. Recent research studies have revealed that handling sales calls in a particular way does increase the probability of scoring a win. If you looking to improve your sales calling skills, here are 6 science-backed tips for making better sales calls.

  • Start on a positive note: It helps if you start the conversation on a positive note. For example, you can talk about the good weather or some good news that’s being aired on the television. In a recent research conducted at a leading hotel, just greeting the customers with a positive comment increased the tips of waiters by 27 percent. The same technique can be applied to sales calls. You need to think from the customer’s perspective to identify what may be of interest to them and what they would consider as positive. For example, if you know that the client likes a particular sport and if their favorite team has won, you can start the conversation with that topic. Such conversations will get you started on the right note and also increase the probability of a win.
  • Don’t denigrate competitors: Science research studies have revealed the phenomenon of spontaneous trait transference, wherein the negativities you talk about others, come to be associated with you, in the mind of the listener. This happens at the subconscious level and it is very difficult to change. When you are talking to a client and pointing out the shortcomings of the competitor’s product, the client will come to associate those shortcomings with your product due to the phenomenon of spontaneous trait transference. You may make it very clear that you are talking about the competitor’s product, but due to spontaneous trait transference, the client will associate the bad things with your product. You need to avoid criticizing the competitors during sales calls.
  • Show appreciation: Every individual has certain good qualities. You can identify some of these in your client or their company and talk to them about it. For example, you can say, “Your Company is among the best clients we have”. Such positive feedback will boost your relations with the client and unlock new sales opportunities. This technique has already been tested in a research study related to fundraising. Some of the donors were told that they were the highest donors, which prompted them to live up to the expectations and donate more than the average amount. When using this technique, you need to offer genuine appreciation since false appreciation will easily be recognized by the client and prove counterproductive.
  • Set a clear agenda for the call: Most clients would usually have only limited time for sales calls. To make the best use of the available time, you need to set a clear agenda for the call. The same can be conveyed to the client prior to the meeting via an email. For example, you can set the agenda that you will be making the call to discuss the features of a particular product. When the agenda is clear, the client won’t feel pressured to take important decisions and they can be more attentive to what you have to say on the call.
  • Be passionate: Every time you talk to a client, you need to exude a sense of passion and excitement in your voice. Your energy should be infectious to have the desired impact on the client. You should truly believe that you are offering a great product that would be immensely useful for the client.
  • Emphasize on certain words: If you look at successful actors, each one of them has a unique way of speaking certain words and phrases. Take note that your client may be receiving dozens of sales calls each day. If you want to come across as unique, you need to learn to emphasize on certain words. This technique can also be useful for voicemails.
When making sales calls to clients, you need to have the conviction that you are making a positive difference to someone. This belief is the core from where your passion, energy and excitement will flow and pass on to the client. You will be able to create the right impressions and increase the probability of scoring a win.

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