About Us

SmarterMe was born out with challenges in the existing number of apps and data sources that the modern business user has to search, remember, derive insights, navigate and update while trying to maintain context and get work done. This is especially hard, if not impossible, on the mobile device. We asked the question – Is it possible for the right app and useful insights to be where the users’ flow of work?

SmarterMe was founded on a mission to solve this problem. SmarterMe is designed with the user’s role in mind, starting with sales, and the desire to make them productive away from the desk. SmarterMe brings the power of data science, mobile design, contextual integration to every user and not just the management team.

SmarterMe product team of technologist who are passionate about making the business user love what they do by giving them smart and beautiful business apps designed to fit their flow of work.

SmarterMe product is owned by e-Zest Solutions, a digital innovations company.

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