Characteristics of a Great Salesperson
by Tausif Haque, on Sep 14, 2017 11:17 AM

Anyone can start a career as a salesperson, but whether or not they will survive will depend on how good they are in the art of selling. Getting into a sales job may be easy, but staying in the job is an entirely different ball game. Moreover, selling is something that cannot be learnt quickly. It takes several years of experience to get it right and journey your way to becoming a great salesperson. Some people may have inborn traits that make them better at selling. However, selling is a skill that can be learned by anyone, provided that they are willing to be patient, practice harder, and follow a disciplined approach. If you are aiming for a successful career in sales, here are some of the key characteristics of a great salesperson that you need to acquire.

  • Confidence: Before you sell the product or service, you need to be able to sell yourself. The customer will look at you first before they look at the product, and as we know, first impression is often the last impression. To build confidence, you need to have pride in what you are doing and believe that it’s a value-add to someone. You need to have detailed information about the product you are selling and how it can benefit the customer. Dressing appropriately will also help boost your confidence levels and create the right impression on the customer.
  • Affable: A great salesperson comes across as a sociable individual and it’s a pleasure to talk to them. By being affable, it becomes easier to strike an instant rapport with the customer. However, a salesperson should not try to be over-friendly, as it can harm the formal relations that they share with the customer. Being affable also helps build trust and confidence among customers, which increases the probability of a win.
  • Empathy: A great salesperson is one who can take time to think about the needs of the customer. By understanding the customer’s perspective, it becomes easier to share with them the specific details about the product that might interest them. Focusing on one thing about the product that matters to the customer is better than bombarding them with 10 other things that may be irrelevant to them.
  • Resilience: The thing about a great salesperson is that they don’t let rejections dent their spirit of selling. Some level of disappointment is natural, but a great salesperson has the ability to quickly rise above the negativities and start afresh. Having a high level of emotional quotient is crucial to becoming a great salesperson.
  • Discipline: To become a top salesperson, you will have to be disciplined in your approach. For example, you have to meticulously follow your leads and ensure that all calls and communications are done without delay. You also need to be thorough when communicating work details with other members in the sales team. To improve your productivity and efficiency, you can use sales enablement apps that can integrate data from various sources and automate most of the sales-related processes.
  • Flexibility: Most sales jobs involve meeting hundreds of individuals, each with their own varying personalities and specific tastes and preferences. A great salesperson is flexible in their approach and can make adjustments quickly to suit customer’s requirements. They can also adapt quickly to new sales strategies, new products, selling in a new geography, etc.
  • Ambitious: A great salesperson continues to strive for achieving newer milestones. They may have won the company’s salesperson of the year award, but things like these do not make them complacent. They continue to work hard to expand their network and achieve even bigger sales targets. In a way, a great salesperson has an insatiable appetite for achieving new goals and objectives.
Just knowing these key characteristics of a great salesperson may not suffice. You have to integrate these in your daily routine, for example, when you are with clients/prospects, with your colleagues, and even when you interact with your family members and friends. The more you practice, the better you will become each time, and continue to get ever closer to being a great salesperson.

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  1. I am new to sales and this article has definitely given me an insight of what are or should be the characteristics of a Salesperson. Thanks for your valuable information! Really appreciate it.

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