The response rate is the only metric that matters with cold emails
by Tausif Haque, on Sep 29, 2017 3:35 PM

The only thing I actually care about while writing a cold email is the response rate, because click through rates or open rates do not tell me how annoyed people are; it doesn’t tell me if they are ever going to buy from me. But, if they respond or have a positive conversation then that’s when I know something.

Let us now look at 7 tips that would help you to drastically improve responses to your cold emails:

1. Have a clear and short CTA (Call to action): Always have a clear and short CTA. It must be something where the people whom you are sending a cold email to can easily respond YES/NO or respond to a short question.

2. Engage on social media before sending an email. If you engage with people before you email them it is not necessarily supposed to be a cold email, it is a kind of a warm email. It increases the chances that they may recognize your name. If you do it together at the same time or in close proximity they may even remember you. The second part is if you want to take a step further to comment on their blog or send them a note on LinkedIn. This is really important since you are essentially engaging with people making them highly likely to engage with you back either on that social channel, their blog or your emails. Now you have a couple of channels that you may connect them on.

3. Leverage e-books and content from your blog. If you have a marketing team that is creating content for your blog, utilize it by sending your prospects good information, educate the people that you are sending cold emails to. Because if you start by adding value to their lives, you are not selling them, you are simply making them aware. Remember that no one gets pissed off like “Man! You are sending me too much good content”. Instead of asking them ” Hey! Let’s schedule a call!”, send them an article asking them if they found it interesting.

4. Keep your emails short and scan-able. Your email should be 3 sentences max and if you can’t stick by that, at the very least make your email scan-able. I have seen so many emails that are hard to understand, somebody is trying to sell me something or the other all day long, I get hundreds of emails and none of those emails are short, scan-able, to the point, nobody ever educates me. Start there. If your call to action is clear, your email is short, at the very least you will get a response even if it is not the one you want to hear.

5. Use your email signature for social proof. To keep your email short, use your email signature for social proof. Think about it just like a landing page where you have your social proof- here’s the logo of the clients that you worked with, we have worked with 1000 customers etc. Whatever kind of proof is there, use your email signature for that and don’t waste valuable space in your actual email body.

6. Follow-up with content. Don’t just follow up like” Hey! Haven’t heard from you, how are you placed?” Rather, follow-up with some better and response-invoking content. Again, nobody ever gets mad at people for sending them content, or things of value making them smarter. So, follow up with more content like saying, “Hey! Thought you might like this piece of content”. So, if you send more educational content, the more specific the better it is, the better ROI you are going to give to your potential cold emails. And frankly they may not buy your service but you may leave them with a good taste.

7. Write 10 headlines for each campaign. Write 10 subject lines for each campaign or each email you’re going to write. This is a tip from the marketing side. For every single blog post or email you write, write 10 different headlines or at least 5 that could help you get your ideas out of the door. Just by the very sheer act of numbers of creating multiple subject lines or multiple blog post headline one of those ends up being good. “Practice makes perfect”. Write multiple subject lines – one or two out of them is going to be good, at the very least they are going to help you read out the bad ideas, and that’s gonna be much better than if you were just to write one subject line. And taking it one step further- start with a subject line, if you can say something very clearly in a subject line it will tailor the rest of your email.


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