How to Write Effective Product Descriptions That Boost Sales
by Bhushan Jichkar, on Sep 22, 2017 10:56 AM

Product descriptions can play an important role in persuading buyers to finalize their purchase decision. However, merely describing the product features and functionalities may not be enough. To be effective, product descriptions need to be intelligently written, taking great care about the selection of words and keeping it crisp and concise. If you are looking for product descriptions that really work and can boost sales, here are some of the important things you need to keep in mind.

  • Cut to the chase: Product descriptions need to get to the point straightaway. It’s highly unlikely that customers would have the time to read through lengthy textual information. They would probably be just looking for some basic information, which can be provided in a couple of short paragraphs. Research has shown that most customers scan the information and not actually read it word by word. This is why it’s recommended that bullet points be used, wherever possible. Remember that brevity is the key to writing an effective product description.
  • Add FAQs: Research studies have revealed that many purchase decisions fail to materialize due to incomplete information about the product. When a customer evaluates a product, it’s likely that they will need answers to various questions. Since all answers cannot be included in the product description, it is better to provide FAQs at the end of the product description. This way, product descriptions can retain their marketable value and customers can get detailed information about the product, if required.
  • Explain the benefits: Your product may be using space-age materials or advanced technology, but merely listing these as specifications may not be useful to buyers. To be able to sell, you need to write about the benefits that the customer will get when they use the product. Customers need to know the practical benefits they will be getting. They may not always be impressed with fancy words and technical jargon. Explaining the benefits will always work in your favor and it can be done easily with just a couple of bullet points.
  • Transform specifications into benefits: The product specifications can easily be converted into benefits and included in the product description. You can choose 4-5 of the important specifications and convert it into benefits. For example, if the specification says ‘Full HD’, you can convert it into a benefit by saying something like, “now, you don’t need to strain your eyes to read the names on the jerseys of your favorite players”. These benefits can be put together in a separate paragraph for better recall and impact.
  • When in Rome, do as the Romans do: Understand the profile of your target audience and create content that appeals to them. For example, if you are targeting the young generation, you need to use an informal tone and include some trending words and phrases in the product description. It will allow buyers to relate better to your brand or product.
  • Scan product reviews for ideas: It has been often noticed that users are able to describe certain benefits that even the company manufacturing the product may not be aware. Or, it can also be that the benefits are described in a way that it could be used to create a million dollar tagline. You can include such information in your product description for maximum impact.
  • Tell a good story: Most people love stories and they would respond better if your product descriptions have a story to tell. The simplest way is to start with a problem statement and then complete the story by providing details about how the product can solve the problems of customers. This approach may work better, depending on the type of product and the profile of the target audience.
  • Clear doubts: In case of certain products, customers would be immediately faced with certain doubts. For example, if the product is a generic laptop battery, customers would immediately want to know about the warranty, average life, etc. Including your responses to the most common doubts of customers in the first paragraph itself will motivate them to stick around to know more about the product.
  • Avoid using vague words: Words like cheapest, best, top, ultimate, supreme, top quality, etc. are intrinsically vague terms and need to be avoided in product descriptions. You need to focus on providing an interesting and meaningful description of the product and let the customers decide. Using vague terms may only create doubts in the minds of the customers.
Every product is incomplete without a product description and badly written ones could be even more disastrous. You will need to undertake a thorough research and invest plenty of time and effort if you want to write effective product descriptions that can actually boost sales.

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